I sat down to work sometime. Rearranged the lamp from the desktop to the bed and back. Turned on and off the computer, music, software, soldering-iron. Nobody rushed me and I didn't rush anywhere. It's good that everything is so. If only not to suffer from my own freedom or its absence. It seems like being a hermit is my thing. Thank you for writing to me, I will answer you. The main thing is not to forget why I started, otherwise I will come up with new unnecessary meanings, it seems very easy. I will remind myself of this by what I get. I have already got. It is impossible to be unheard, I always hear myself. It seems I have already finished, but it does not end. Inaction is not indifference. I seem to be able to give meaning to everything. This is all an endless addition, there is no adding everything, I want to see completion, I am sure that it exists. After completion, inaction. I will work as if I have already done everything.


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